Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Campus Diary

Hey, I know I promised to put up articles by guest writers on the blog at the beginning of this year but I lost the flash I had saved all the edited articles and now I have to start editing them all over again. So don’t think I have been lazy or I broke a promise. It would be a bad way to start the year.
And let me tell you guys, you are in for a treat. Even a local celeb who is one of us agreed to allow me to do a post from my conversations with her and I hope what I have in store for you will be worth the wait. Just hold tight and pray she doesn’t change her mind, AGAIN.

But while I edit the articles, I came across a diary I used to keep while in campus and it has captured moments that really defined me. For example, I came across this entry;

After hooking up with May for the past couple of weeks, yesterday while chilling in her room I asked her that much dreaded question; the one that I have asked several times before under intoxication- if she loves me. After her eyes darting around for some time guess what her answer was? “Nikki, I don’t know how to put this but I am seeing SEVERAL other people.”

Shocked at her audacity I asked her why she continued to ‘see’ me and making it look serious if indeed there were several of us. She looked down and said, “I never thought it would go so far. You are fun and I couldn’t help myself. Ilikuwa inabamba.”and all this she said so calmly and emotionlessly she might as well have been talking about the weather. The nerve! And to think I thought I was actually starting to like her!

I threw a fit and we quarreled as she tried to explain herself but I was beyond reason after what she had said and th way she had said it. Maybe I took it a bit too fat but I absolutely hated the casual and nonchalant way she had dismissed or summarized what we had. I wanted her to feel that!

Laugh all you want but since then I NEVER ASK if someone loves me. And I never say it first lest I am made to feel like a fool again.

Another moment that defined me was from this entry;

I broke up with Dee about a month ago after she was pressured by her pals to do so, after a weekend of rave where I drunk so much and went on a broken record analogy about Nelly-my ex. But then a week later, again due to pressure from her pals, Dee sought me out and we reunited only to break up, AGAIN, a week later when she asked me to go all in the relationship. I refused coz honestly right now I am not in a position to commit.

Then barely two days later, there were all these rumors flying about eti she has hooked up with this fresher called Lillian. I saw her and as it hurts to admit, she has a lovely behind. But that’s all that’s lovely about  her. I hear she comes from a place where you have to plan a 2days trip just for shopping. Explains her sense of fashion *puke*.

So while Dee and I were in this limbo state, she called me, we hooked up and I foolishly agreed to go all in with the relationship. Maggie (her bff) had convinced me to give her a second chance after practically begging in Dee’s behalf. That weekend we agreed to hook up but she stood me up. And as if that’s not enough, she went ahead and called my best friends and they went raving behind my back! Those stupid alcohol abusing bitches.

So Sunday I texted hoping to get her attention and we ended up talking for about an hour. But guess what? that maggot has been planning her revenge since I had refused to go all in. This full of shit lesbian-Dee, told kina Maggie that I had promised her a 3way and that is why Maggie had begged me to give Dee a second chance so that the retarded bitch could have her 3way. I should have seen this coming!

More over, she said the reason we broke up was coz I had said- insisted that we move in together. Like seriously? I am very happy and comfy where i am. She even lied that we had bathroom sex at tacos. Like WHAT THE FUCK?!  And that’s not all, eti after hearing about Lillian- the fresher Dee hooked up with, I was the one begging Dee for a 3way coz eti I told her she was the best lay I had ever had while in actual fact she is the goddamn WORST!

One of her pals from their crew told me all this coz unlike the rest in their clique, she doesn’t treat Dee like a queen like the rest of her zombie friends do.

But I had the last laugh, I found out where they were raving and I went there. She didn’t know I knew all her lies so of course she welcomed me and hugged me but even before she could go get a drink, I publicly dumped her in front of her crew! Ha! Guess who is stung last, bitch!?

Such a pity she has to lie to fit in and sadder still that the whole fried-brain crew is so dumb they believe her!

Funny enough Dee and Lillian went on and dated for almost 3years while I changed friends and that is how I met kina Bo and JJ. As for May, we made peace later on and she still hits on me every once in a while even though she has been dating this mamaa who hates me for the past ... I think almost 4years now.

But these moments changed me, in more ways than one. The Nikki you know today has come a long way. The journey has been painful but everything is hilarious in hindsight. I hope y’all learn a lesson from it too.



  1. dramma scandalous

  2. lets call that the beggining of ur rise...

  3. i like how you write its real....(and have just read 3 articles you good)i like real people they make my life be like a cartoon so hilarious real stuff is always fun...